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What is CBD?

CBD Products seem to be everywhere! In the last few years, you’ve probably noticed CBD products everywhere. CBD has exploded onto the market thanks to the passage of the US Farm Bill in 2018, which legalized industrial hemp, and medical and recreational cannabis at the state level. The only thing spreading faster than CBD seems to be […]

is cbd keto


Cannabidiol CBD and the ketogenic (keto diet) are each trending in the fitness and well-being sector. The advantages of CBD and keto are very complementary. In fact, their outcomes appear so nicely aligned, we’re amazed that everyone isn’t exploring the synergy between CBD Oil and a Keto high protein diet. What Is Keto? The Keto food regimen has emerged as a leading dietary choice in recent years, becoming a member of the ranks […]

National CBD Month

January is National CBD Month

National CBD Month, and Why It Matters Since 2018 when the recent farm bill became a law, CBD has been legal at the federal level and has seen exponential demand from the public. Due to this increasing use of CBD, and the visible positive benefits, it has since then helped to loosen state and local […]

Vaping CBD

The bioavailability of Vaping CBD

CBD OIL looks like it fits vaping perfectly? You can think about CBD as just one of the chemicals making up the chemical make-up of the marijuana plant. CBD is simply an additional one of the virtually one hundred cannabinoids in marijuana. Individuals rely on it due to the fact that it uses most of […]

Full-spectrum CBD isolate

Hemp CBD vs. Cannabis CBD

What is the difference between Hemp CBD and Cannabis CBD CBD is found in cannabis and hemp plants. CBD oil can be extracted from both plants and used to create CBD oil products. However, there is a key distinction between hemp CBD oil and CBD merchandise derived from cannabis: THC. Industrial hemp consists of less than 0.3% THC, and as such, it is viewed beneath federal regulation to cultivate, harvest, and system into completed products. […]

cbd great for anxiety

“CBD is One of the Best Things I’ve Ever Tried for Anxiety”

CBD for Anxiety Over 40 million American adults suffer from anxiety disorders, easily making this the most common mental illness in the USA today. There are many pharmaceutical drugs purporting to serve anxiety disorders, but they can be very addictive. Looking for a natural, non-addictive solution, people have found CBD which gives a more effective […]

snug cbd helps programmer concentrate

CBD FOCUS for Software Developers

I love programming. It’s a fascinating career that keeps my brain buzzing 24/7. However, like any profession, a career in IT has its advantages and disadvantages. Whether you are programming, testing, or supporting information technology systems – this job requires detailed knowledge of the technology, good concentration, and attention to detail. I find Snug CBD […]

Sleep Well with CBD

Sleep Well with CBD

CBD PM combines Oil & Melatonin Sleep aids with CBD in them have become popular lately, but they aren’t all the same. Our pure CBD helps you relax, sleep soundly and wake feeling refreshed: As a college student and full time youtuber, I’m a big fan of sleep. Implementing Snug CBD into my routine has […]

How to make CBD KETO Bulletproof coffee

How to make CBD KETO Bulletproof coffee

How to Make CBD-Infused Bulletproof Coffee Bulletproof coffee is a combination of coffee as well as a source of fat — typically grass-fed butter or MCT oil from coconuts. … what is it, exactly, and why has it become so popular? Bulletproof coffee is the brainchild of Dave Asprey, an American entrepreneur and bio hacker […]

keto food with CBD oil

Using CBD in my KETO life style

I mix CBD supplements and a protein-rich, low-carb diet for fantastic effects! Keto and CBD are the two present-day “magic pills” with a host of proclaimed advantages that are well-supported with the aid of scientific evidence. Both keto and CBD are established anti-inflammatories (more on that below), and according to medical scientists from Harvard Medical […]

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