Sleep Better with CBD 

 November 4, 2021

By  Snug CBD

Improve your sleep with CBD

CBD tinctures enhance your sleep experience. CBD is relaxing, and easy to consume. The most efficient way to take it is sublingual – under the tongue.

Fill the dropper to about half full, squeeze it out under your tongue, and hold the oil there for 30 to 60 seconds. Swallow whatever’s left.

Sublingual absorption takes the CBD oil and melatonin straight into your bloodstream, so it takes effect in about 30 minutes. This CBD Tincture takes slightly longer to effect t if you swallow instead, normally an hour or two because the substances have to go through your digestive tract first, but that can be a more pleasant way to take it.

PS: If you would like to try something a little different. Just before bedtime, sleep looming, the mint flavor goes well with tea!

Melatonin typically takes effect on first use, but CBD is a little more variable depending on the person. Try taking one serving before bed every night for 30 days to allow the CBD to build up in your system.

If you don’t want to take that much melatonin, try using other CBD gummies daily, they will enhance your calm and focus. Then adding CBD SLEEP when your sleep is under strain, such as long-distance traveling.

CBD and Melatonin: The Capsule Alternative

We just launched a line of CBD SLEEP Softgel Capsules that provide a similar formula of CBD oil and melatonin in a form that might be more convenient for some.

The capsules’ advantage is that they don’t spill as easily as a bottle of oil does, and the quantity of both CBD and melatonin is precisely the same in each softgel: 16.7 mg and 3 mg, respectively. The capsules are also fortified with vitamin E and, if you’re not into the mint flavor of the tincture, these have no flavoring at all.

Otherwise, the softgels have the same herbal ingredients as the tinctures, but the total amount of melatonin is lower – 90 mg per 30-count bottle. This decrease is due to chemistry; basically – the softgels can’t preserve their proper consistency with too much melatonin in them.

Also, the CBD SLEEP tincture is a better option if you’re a strict vegetarian because the gelatin in the softgels comes from cows.

Always consult your physician before starting a regimen of CBD oil and melatonin. As noted above, while both have good safety profiles, they may interact with other medications you might be on. 

With CBD and melatonin combinations becoming more common, doctors also increasingly have first-hand accounts from their patients that might help guide you in what regimen will work best for you.

But if you get the all-clear, CBN in the unique CBD SLEEP softgels might just be the combo of your dreams. 

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