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cbd oil dosage

CBD Oil Dosage

What CBD Oil Dosage should I use?

The short answer is “there is no answer”

The long answer is “it varies for everyone, so here is an easy way to estimate your best dosage to start”

How many CBD Oil drops should I take?

If you’ve been researching the specific dosage of CBD oil that might be suitable for you, then you need to understand that there’s no particular dosage that could go for everyone since CBD oil works at different doses for different people. You do not need to take a specific dosage of CBD before you start getting the advantages associated with the oil, it solely relies upon your own choice and sometimes the recommended dose is given to you by your health care specialist.

You can make use of CBD oil provided that you are old enough or within the age range authorized for the consumption of CBD oil.

Is there any guideline For CBD oil dosage?

When it comes to choosing the right dose that would be suitable for you, it could be a very hard decision since you wouldn’t know the right dose to take. However, selecting the right dose of CBD is all about trial and error. You could modify the CBD and THC intake or you could reduce THC and fully focus on CBD oil. You keep modifying till you get the correct dose that fits your needs perfectly. Hence, finding the right does is all about being persistent with consumption and modifying CBD rich cannabis product with small amount of THC till you get the right does that suits you.

cbd oil from hemp

Other people’s dosage intake might not work for you and here’s why

It is important that you avoid using other people’s dosage of CBD oil as your own. Everybody is different and different things works for different people. An individual’s CBD oil dosage might be too extreme for you or even lower than what you need and hence it is advisable to patiently figure out what works best for you. Thorough reading of the dosage guidelines on the CBD oil and meeting a health care specialist for proper recommendation could help you determine the right dosage that would be suitable for your needs.

It is also important that you slowly take the CBD oil to see how it reacts with your body system. For instance, after purchasing your CBD oil, gradually start with just 1 drop on the first day. If this works out fine for you with no reaction whatsoever, then you can proceed to two drops the next day. If you notice any form of reaction or weird feeling in your body, it is advisable to stop and find out why exactly your body is reacting to the oil.

First symptoms of using CBD oil

If you still feel okay after fourteen days of consistent intake of CBD, you could try adjusting the drops so you take one drop during the morning hours and the last drop in the evening. Gradually increase the doses with each day until you find the perfect dose that works for you. It is advisable to gradually add more dose to the initial dose every two to four weeks till you are okay. Also, remember to stop using CBD oil or to reduce your doses immediately you notice any bad symptom or weird feeling within your body system.

How many doses of CBD oil should I take per day?

If you are taking CBD oil for the first time, remember to start slowly with little doses and gradually increase your doses as you go. This is because everyone’s body is different. Someone’s high doses might harm your body system if you choose to go with another person’s dose intake. Be patient just like you do in taking other medications. Increase your doses when you feel like everything is okay and there’s no adverse reaction within your body.

Due to the difference in sizes and shapes, it is advisable to start with the ideal dosage suitable for the individual. Refrain from using the dosage of another person as your guideline and hence why it is ideal to use the trial and error method.

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