“CBD is One of the Best Things I’ve Ever Tried for Anxiety” 

 November 4, 2021

By  Snug CBD

CBD for Anxiety

Over 40 million American adults suffer from anxiety disorders, easily making this the most common mental illness in the USA today.

There are many pharmaceutical drugs purporting to serve anxiety disorders, but they can be very addictive. Looking for a natural, non-addictive solution, people have found CBD which gives a more effective and milder alternative.

Since the 2018 Farm Bill passed in the United States, all hemp is now federally legal as long as it is under 0.03% THC. This is why CBD for anxiety and depression has been in public news so much, over the last few years.

“CBD is One of the Best Things I’ve Ever Tried for Anxiety”

Joe Rogan

Can I Consume CBD for My Anxiety?

There is evidence that CBD can help with anxiety for everyone but just like your experience with pharmaceutical medications is different, in the same way your experiences with CBD are also different. Some research studies consider CBD to be more effective in managing anxiety and other conditions. We agree 🙂

There are a few different ways of taking CBD, your decision to use CBD oil for anxiety is best described by the particular CDB product you’ve chosen:

  • Ingesting: – You can take your CBD for anxiety by ingesting it orally. Eat it like your food, with a normal digestive process. CBD edibles for anxiety include CBD capsules, CBD gummies, CBD infused cookies, and CBD beverages.
  • Sublingual/Buccal Method: – This method is mostly used for CBD tinctures, essentially putting drops of a CBD tincture under the tongue. The same technique can be used for CBD infused candy, placed on the cheek’s inner side. Using CBD on the cheek is known as buccal, below the tongue is referred to as sublingual.
  • Vaping: – Vaping works when a CBD oil is vaporized using a vape pen. Vaping is fast-acting, acting about four minutes after it gets into the lungs. Vaping might be the best way of taking CBD for panic attacks.

Before buying any CBD product, read up on the best, highest quality CBD products. Pure, organic, lab-tested CBD sourced from a reputable farm isn’t cheap. So, if you do want to try CBD for panic attacks or any other anxiety conditions, ensure the manufacturer you buy from publishes their Certificate of Analysis for every CBD product line and has an excellent customer rating on their CBD for anxiety and depression.

NOTE: Vaping comes with some potential harm to the lungs with some proposals to ban vape sales. The American Lung Association has listed vaping as a cause of damage the respiratory system. There are likely better ways to ingest CBD than vaping

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