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CBD Covid19 and Coronavirus

CBD Covid19 and Coronavirus

Can CBD help with Covid19, or other Coronavirus?

Medical researchers at Augusta University in Georgia have been studying the impact that CBD may have on ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome). This is a dangerous symptom prevalent in COVID-19 caused by an overactive inflammatory response. Sometimes referred to as a ‘cytokine storm’.

The authors of this CBD/ARDS study explain that “currently, other than supportive measures, there is no definitive cure for ARDS, illustrating the urgent need for creative and effective therapeutic modalities to treat this complex condition.”

Now even more evidence is adding support to the thought that cannabis derived CBD may help combat severe lung inflammation occuring in more serious cases of COVID-19.

CBD may become a key enhancement for COVID-19 treatments - according to new study. GETTY
CBD may become a key enhancement for COVID-19 treatments – according to new study. GETTY

Evidence For CBD/Cannabis As Covid-19 Treatment

Most medical researchers are exploring different techniques in the active fight against COVID-19, but these researchers are looking into whether cannabis or cannabis derived CBD might offer relief to those suffering from severe forms of this infection.

There have been several different ways researchers have suggested CBD might help, discovered over the course of the last ear. It’s early days but CBD’s ability to reduce ACE2 expression and pro-inflammatory cytokine production to fight lung inflammation, and its potential as an antiviral. are showing some promising results. This is theory only at this stage but we are watching closely and hoping that CBD will prove to be as effective as these early studies suggest, once we get to the actual physical testing stage.

Of course, this is an early study, and more research needs to be done – particularly more research that tests this theory on actual human subjects with COVID-19 related ARDS. The medical study authors point out that “obviously, more studies are required to expand and validate this therapeutic strategy.” 

Reference: Cannabidiol (CBD) modulation of apelin in acute respiratory distress syndrome.Salles ÉL, Khodadadi H, Jarrahi A, Ahluwalia M, Paffaro VA Jr, Costigliola V, Yu JC, Hess DC, Dhandapani KM, Baban B.J Cell Mol Med. 2020 Nov;24(21):12869-12872. doi: 10.1111/jcmm.15883. Epub 2020 Oct 15.PMID: 33058425 Free PMC article.

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