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CBD works perfectly with KETO Diet for Weight Loss

For those who are thinking to start the keto diet should also think about adding CBD in their diet to help the body adjust with the new way of life. Both CBD and keto diet are quite helpful for losing weight as they can promote quick fat loss. They can also help in improving our emotional well-being while still maintaining the body at its optimal state.

Here is a complete guide to how CBD and Keto diet can help in reducing weight.

How Keto Diet Helps With Weight Loss?

Ketogenic diet focuses on intake of food with higher fat content with least quantity of carbohydrates. 

When we dramatically decrease the carbohydrate intake our body will use the stored fats instead of ready to use carbohydrates for energy.  In this way the body enters a metabolic state called as ketosis.  The body start burning fat and convert into glucose, the energy unit of the body.  The liver also begins to convert fat into ketones that are essential for optimum brain functioning.

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How CBD and Keto Diet Complement Each Other?

Reduced Appetite and Craving

One of the most prominent health benefits of keto diet is that it can significantly reduce appetite as high fat diet produces the feeling of fullness. Moreover, ketones are a healthier fuel option than regular sugar, which is why people on keto diet don’t get hungry very often.

Adding CBD to keto diet can also help in controlling cravings as it is famous for reducing appetite unlike tetrahydrocannabinol.  

Cleanses the Blood

Keto diet lowers the level of triglycerides in the blood, which will eventually increase the quantity of good cholesterol. Preliminary research shows that CBD helps in lowering cholesterol and increasing metabolism. It will help the body in processing and burning of extra fat and calories quickly. Broad-Spectrum CBD oil also contains polyunsaturated fats, Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids, which are good for heart health.

Abundant Energy

Our body naturally prefers to use ketones over glucose for fuel. In the beginning, people on keto diet feel lethargic and slothful, until the body adapts to the new energy unit. A regular dose of CBD provides abundant energy, so that you can carry out intense workout sessions to lose those extra pounds.

Fat Loss

Our body contains two types of fats that are white and brown. White fat stores and supplies energy along with insulating the organs, on the other hand, brown fat generates heat by burning calories. Healthy individuals have more brown than white fats.

Research has shown that CBD can effectively lead to browning of white fat, which is rapidly burnt to produce energy.

Increases Metabolism

Most people may experience slow metabolic rate in the beginning of keto diet. CBD oil can help in increasing metabolism, so our body can burn more calories while we rest.

Stabilizes Blood Sugar Level

Usually, people face fluctuating blood sugar level when they are trying to lose weight.

Using CBD infused carrier oils such as MCT oil can help in stabilizing your blood sugar levels, so one can easily focus on all means of losing weight.

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