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choosing CBD oil

5 tips you must know when choosing CBD oil

Make sure the CBD oil helps you. To avoid health risks keep the following tips in mind.

1) Go for full-spectrum CBD oil

Only full-spectrum CBD extracts driver the full range of health benefits. Many brands use inferior synthetic CBD to lower their costs. Stick to our recommended products to make sure your CBD oil actually helps you.

2) A COA is mandatory

A COA (certificate of analysis) confirms whether the product contains the quantities of CBD that the manufacturer claims or advertises. Most brands do not make a COA publicly available – you must avoid these brands by and means. Trust only products listed in this article to avoid buying under-dosed or contaminated CBD oil.

3) THC must be below 0.3%

THC can cause severe side-effects and in most states CBD oils with more than 0.3% THC are illegal. You should but a product that has trace amounts of THC so supplement the effects of the CBD. This can be difficult, so we strongly recommend sticking to the save products listed within this article.

4) Organically grown hemp only

There are many shops that sell CBD extracted from hemp that was grown using pesticides and genetically modified plants. You do not want to buy these products. The oils we selected for you contain only the best CBD from organically grown hemp.

5) A caring customer support

Most brands leave you alone once you bought their CBD oil. They might come back to you when they feel they could sell you another one – but they do not answer your questions when you need help. We went through hundreds of customer reviews to find a CBD brand that actually cares for you.

Snug CBD – Safe, Lega, Organic CBD

All of our Broad Spectrum and THC-Free products have 0% THC, and our Full Spectrum contains 0.3% or less THC.

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